Financial Assistance In Alabama

Families who survive in a low income need help especially if only a single parent is supporting the whole family. The state of Alabama provides its low-income residents with a way to afford health insurance. There are different kinds of programs and subsidized health insurance coverage provided by the government. Here is a list of health insurance help available in Alabama.

  • Medicaid – This program helps those who have a low income in Alabama to have access to medical services. It covers families, children, elderly, pregnant women as well as those with disabilities so that they can receive the medical services that they need. Even if you are not a U.S. citizen you can be eligible for this if you are a legal resident. There are also requirements that you have to meet before becoming eligible to this program and for a better alabama medicaid information, you should go and visit their website.
  • ALL Kids – This program also helps families who have low income. The children who are under 18 years old are the ones eligible for this insurance. There are qualifications that your child or children must pass before they become eligible. The first one is to have a family income that is below 100% of FPL. Some of those who currently transfer from a private health insurance into the ALL Kids may still have to wait for 3 months. This insurance covers your kid’s hospital bills, prescription medicines, immunization and many others. This insurance is not entirely free because you may be required to pay a small fee depending on how much your income is and the size of your family.
  • Alabama Breast And Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program – This is also known as the ABCCEDP and it gives women a chance to screen themselves with no cost. Those who are diagnosed with cancer can also be treated through the Medicaid. The free screening is open to those who are residents in Alabama who are 40 to 64 years of age, at a certain federal poverty level, and those who are uninsured. Women who are under 40 who have abnormal clinical breast exam can also be eligible for the screening.
  • Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit – This helps workers who are injured, early retirees as well as those who depend on them have a health insurance. The help provided takes responsibility for more than half of the insurance premium. To be eligible of the tax credit, you should be receiving the Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits and you should also have your Medicaid, Medicare or other coverage that your employer pays half for. This is not based on the amount of your income but 65% of your health insurance premiums will be covered.

There may still be other new programs that the state offers and you can see them all by visiting their website. Those that are found above are the most well-known insurance covers that the state can provide you so that you can get access to quality medical services when you need it most even if your income is considered to be low.

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