The History of Insurance

Although insurance, as we know it today, only came into existence a few hundred years ago, a type of insurance for merchants has been in effect for thousands of years, both in Europe and in China. It is known that in China, when a merchant sought a loan in order to ship goods, if the shipment of goods included hazardous rivers, the merchant would pay extra in order to be compensated for any merchandise that may be lost in transit. It is also recorded in the Code of Hammurabi, developed by the Babylonians in 1750 BC, that merchants could pay extra on their loans to ensure that the loans would be cancelled if the merchant’s freight was lost or stolen whilst at sea. The first known insurance contracts that, whilst still only applying to merchants but not necessarily involving loans, are from Genoa in 1347 AD. These insurance contracts could involve several merchants who would band together to compensate any one of them that lost their freight. Insurance that involved anyone other than merchants did not come into being until after the Great Fire of London in 1666 destroyed more than 13,000 buildings, after which time it became possible to insure buildings and almost immediately 5,000 buildings were insured. Merchants were of course at this time still insuring their freight and it was in 1680 that Edward Lloyd opened up a coffee house in London for the specific purpose of introducing merchants to wealthy landowners who were prepared to insure them.

It is from these beginnings in 17th century London that the multi-billion dollar insurance industry grew from. Of course today it is possible to insure more than just buildings or freight as you can now insure almost any aspect of your life, including your life or death. Perhaps the type of insurance today which most people are aware of is car insurance. Every car on the public roads is required, by law, to be insured and so the owners of those cars must pay insurance premiums and those insurance premiums may increase if any claims for damages are ever submitted. This means that an owners premiums may go up, even if they did not cause the damage as it was caused by a mechanic whilst taking the car on a test drive. Of course, car owners thought this a little unfair and so that prompted the emergence of motor trade insurance. This is an insurance policy that a motor trade professional can take out to insure any vehicle they may be dealing with, so as not affect the owner’s insurance in any way, were some damage to happen to the car whilst in the professional’s possession. There are different types of professional in the motor trade industry and so they should look carefully at the different trading insurance options so that they get the correct type of coverage for their particular work. This often means that a motor trade professional may have to look or an insurance company that specializes in motor trade insurance.

Keeping Your Employees Happy

Having happy employees help make sure that they are productive and loyal employees. This is great news to the business and is the main reason why most companies see to it that their employees are happy. On the contrary, having undervalued and unmotivated employees makes the companies suffer. Employees can’t perform well and have a higher chance to miss work when they are unhappy with their company.

If you are a company who has been in the business for a long time or if you are just new to the industry, you will find these tips very helpful in keeping your employees happy.

  • Be a good employer – Being a good employer doesn’t mean that you have to bend the rules just to make your employees happy. The better thing to do is to set the rules clearly and explain the rules so that they know that the rules are there not just because you want them to but because it is for the benefit of all. Set boundaries but still talk to your employees to give a more personal touch. As a good employer, you should also provide your employees with timely payments. We all know that making the payroll is a challenging task so why not find payroll outsourcing solutions to help you out. In this way, you can pay them in a timely manner to make sure your employees are happy. You become happy too because you can spend your time and effort in other activities that will benefit your business.
  • Make your employees feel appreciated – When you appreciate employees, it can boost them into performing well because they know that you see their efforts. Thanking your employees is a great way to do that and you can even give them incentives for a job well done. On the other hand, if your employees made a mistake, punishing them won’t do any good. Instead, you can talk to them and encourage them to do better in the future but if mistakes are continuous, you might need to reevaluate your employee.
  • Place them in a productive atmosphere – The arrangement of your office can help with your productivity. Make sure everyone has adequate space to work and that they have all the materials and supplies that they need. You can also make use of ergonomic equipment and seats to help your employees feel more comfortable while working. Adding plants to your office will also help them feel more connected to nature and more relax.
  • Get everyone involved – When people feel they matter and are important, they are more likely to strive harder and do well. Make sure that you don’t just give your attention to a certain group of people. Conduct meetings with them to gain ideas. Allow them to be involved and voice out their opinions and concerns. You can never tell who has the best idea unless you listen to all their ideas. Conduct workshops to help them improve their skills and also give them relaxation like picnics or parties where they can enjoy with their workmates and family.

Investing In Property Through Your SMSF

There are many investments you can go into with your self managed superannuation funds or SMSF and one of them is in property. Some think it can be quite challenging to do so but it is really pretty simple. Continue reading if you want to find out how.

Many people are not informed that they can borrow through the SMSF so that they can invest in either commercial or residential property. This is something that many have already tried and are successfully getting benefits. Some are also not aware that when you make use of your SMSF to invest, you also have to pay less tax so that you can create more wealth for yourself. This is because the tax of whatever you get from the SMSF, are computed at a concessional rate. The government does this in order to help you save up more money that you can use when you retire.

Exciting as it may sound, there are still risks involved in this investment. If you want to push through this kind of investment and you don’t have any knowledge or experience about it, then you should go and talk to the experts first. Listen to what they are going to advice and think about it at first. Don’t make harsh decisions that you will regret in the future. Setting up your SMSF to invest in a property should be done under the advice of a financial specialist. You might also need someone in accounting and someone who can offer you legal advice. They are the ones who can tell you exactly what will go on so that you will know the different risks involved.

Remember that you are getting into a loan and that loan is tied up with your SMSF. If you do any mistake, your future can crumble because of your little mistake. There are several steps on how you can get your SMSF investment loan. It is important to familiarize yourself with it before pushing through it. Once you know the process, you will be able to foresee if the loan will be a success or not.

The first step is to separate a security trust. This step will help your loan to be approved because it sets up a guarantee for your loan. The property that you invest on is also under your trust. The next thing to do is to fund the loan. The property you invest on will usually covered by the loan at 80% percentage. The rest would have to be funded by your SMSF so you better make sure that your SMSF has enough to completely buy the property. Lastly, you also have to pay off the loan. Once the property is in your hands, you can allow it to be rented out and keep the rental payments in your SMSF. This too will be used to help in paying off the loan you applied for. If there are any shortcomings, the payment for the loan will come from your SMSF. This is why you should choose a property properly and make sure it really gains profit.

Why Invest On Gold Bullion IRA?

Through the years, many people have retired from their jobs and they are now enjoying the fruits of their labor with the aid of Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs which are wide offered to a great number of people in the country these days. IRA has a lot of great ways to help you invest your hard-earned money and one of the best ways so far is the so-called gold bullion IRA. With this kind of account, you are simply given the opportunity to put your money in an investment operation or plan wherein gold bullion is used.

Why Opt for an IRA that Makes Use of Gold Bullion?

The fact is that there are different forms of gold and these hold true when it comes to investing your money on an IRA. The most common forms of gold are usually known as bars and the famous bullions. Many people simply opt for this kind of gold investment because bullions are much easier to handle and store. Through the years, gold bullions are widely distributed and utilized by many investors in putting their wealth and fortunes in the safety. And through the years, these gold bullions are sold whenever prices suggest of a better profit.

Securing Your Future with Gold Bullion IRA

The fact is that we all don’t know what is going to happen next especially after the time when you already need to stop working simply because you are classified as a retiree. Retiring from your job simply means the stop of your regular income and this can actually cause a huge impact on the life of your family. Why is it so? It is because being a retired person already limits you to handle money along the way. This is due to the fact that you already have nothing to depend on. However, if you have entrusted your finances earlier and have enrolled yourself in a particular retirement plan, this will give you the guarantee to have something you can rely on to after you have retired from your job.

Opting for the Right Retirement Plan

There are many different kinds of retirement plans which are scattered and offered during these days, we cannot deny the fact that gold bullion IRA is simply one of the best. Gold is indeed a very precious metal that can never be affected no matter how difficult the economic situation becomes. This is true to the fact that gold bullions have strong and stable value in the market, making it as something you can put your money on to without the loss. With such thing in mind, you are simply given the assurance that even when difficult times take place in the market, rest assured that your gold bullions investment through an IRA will never to a point when it becomes weak. Truly, you will definitely enjoy great benefits and profits with this kind of retirement plan.

gold bullion ira Now if you are thinking about starting a good investment to secure your financial future, it really makes sense to start your way at Gold IRA Investor today!

Requesting A Loan To Buy A Home

Deciding as to whether or not it is time for us to buy a home, is one of the biggest decisions that we will ever have to make and having decided to go ahead and buy one, just to be turned down by our bank when requesting a loan, can be devastating. Although we may feel that we are capable of meeting the payments that a home loan will entail, it is dependent on whether or not the lending institute thinks we are capable that counts. Although they will certainly take into account the full amount you earn, they will use an amount that they call PDI (Personal Disposable Income) which is your full income, minus essential out goings such as tax. They will also look at something called your credit score. Your credit score is a number that would have allocated you dependent on your ability to have paid off previous loans on time. Even if this time your intentions are better, if you have defaulted in loan payments in the past, it could count against you, causing them not to provide the loan.

Obviously none of us, having already gone through a lot of self struggle coming to a decision to buy a house, wants to be turned down and may even consider it an embarrassment. This embarrassment can however be avoided. Home loan eligibility is now something that can be checked on the internet and so, although it will give an honest assessment and therefore may say you do not qualify, at least you would have found out in the privacy of your own home. The use of one of these sites can ensure that you don’t actually arrange meetings with your bank or other lending institute until you qualify for a loan, using their criteria, not yours. Of course each of the different institutions may vary slightly in their individual criteria but, at least you will meet the two major requirements and so it should only be a matter of finding the one lending institute that will oblige you.

Of course, there are other criteria apart from the two mentioned, such as the price of the property you are interested in, remembering that they will only lend you up to 80% or 85% (that is one area where they may differ). Also they may differ in the interest rates that they charge as some may offer a fixed interest rate whilst others a fluctuating interest rate. Your age may also make a difference as that could determine the length of time the loan will be permitted to be paid back in.

Don’t forget that even if you have found out that you are eligible online, you will still have to provide the lender proof of earning and if it is a lender other than your regular bank, bank statements for the last 6 months. If you are self-employed, you may also have to provide 6 months bank statements for your business as well as your personal ones.

Will I Be Eligible For A Tax Refund?

We all like the feeling when we receive our tax refund, but getting the return aced to generate it can seem like an assignment from hell. It’s not that hard to get your return in timeously and without stress, but it does need a little bit of extra planning to get right.

You should ideally look at organising your tax affairs even before the end of the year comes. If you streamline your tax receipts through the year, you will pay minimize tax in the first place, and that remains the best way to handle your tax affairs. Try to prepay your expenses, but hold back any income you can delay if at all possible. Depending on your affairs, this may help you reduce your overall tax bill for the year. Make sure that you have record of all your charitable donations for the year, as well as getting repairs, maintaining and other tasks out the way in a way that will streamline your tax affairs. If you’re a high income earner, remember that the Medicare Levy Surcharge will apply if you don’t hold private health care coverage- you’ll need to hold it for the whole year to avoid the amount being prorated, so it’s worth looking into a policy with attractive premiums that will benefit you more.

Using your superannuation limit to the max is also a great way to cut down on tax. Just be careful not to go over the yearly limit. If you’re a trust or company, the timing of the distribution of your funds can also have an impact on your tax bill, as well as the actual physical structure of your company- whether as sole proprietor or something else. Assets that came in under the limit for the year can also be directly written off to your advantage that year, as can bad debts that may have occurred that are unlikely to be settled by year end. A timeous stock take will also help you get rid of obsolete stock, office stationery and more to your advantage.

Other areas that need attention when streamlining your affairs are your spousal contributions to superannuation funds, the maximisation of contributions to such funds without going over the yearly limit, and other forms of salary sacrifice. Remember that these contributions must be timed correctly, however, and don’t make a hash of it. Sometimes, the spousal split on the contributions can make good sense too.

Correct structuring of your retirement provisions, especially as you transition to retirement in the last decade before you retire, can also have a huge impact on your tax affairs. And, of course, the most important thing you can do when it comes to the tax return itself is make sure you fully understand each and every one of the deductions you are entitled to. Remember that there are industry specific deductions as well as more general ones, and be sure not to miss out on this easy and simple as well as legitimate way to cut down on the tax you pay and maximise your tax return annually.

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Financial Assistance In Alabama

Families who survive in a low income need help especially if only a single parent is supporting the whole family. The state of Alabama provides its low-income residents with a way to afford health insurance. There are different kinds of programs and subsidized health insurance coverage provided by the government. Here is a list of health insurance help available in Alabama.

  • Medicaid – This program helps those who have a low income in Alabama to have access to medical services. It covers families, children, elderly, pregnant women as well as those with disabilities so that they can receive the medical services that they need. Even if you are not a U.S. citizen you can be eligible for this if you are a legal resident. There are also requirements that you have to meet before becoming eligible to this program and for a better alabama medicaid information, you should go and visit their website.
  • ALL Kids – This program also helps families who have low income. The children who are under 18 years old are the ones eligible for this insurance. There are qualifications that your child or children must pass before they become eligible. The first one is to have a family income that is below 100% of FPL. Some of those who currently transfer from a private health insurance into the ALL Kids may still have to wait for 3 months. This insurance covers your kid’s hospital bills, prescription medicines, immunization and many others. This insurance is not entirely free because you may be required to pay a small fee depending on how much your income is and the size of your family.
  • Alabama Breast And Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program – This is also known as the ABCCEDP and it gives women a chance to screen themselves with no cost. Those who are diagnosed with cancer can also be treated through the Medicaid. The free screening is open to those who are residents in Alabama who are 40 to 64 years of age, at a certain federal poverty level, and those who are uninsured. Women who are under 40 who have abnormal clinical breast exam can also be eligible for the screening.
  • Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit – This helps workers who are injured, early retirees as well as those who depend on them have a health insurance. The help provided takes responsibility for more than half of the insurance premium. To be eligible of the tax credit, you should be receiving the Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits and you should also have your Medicaid, Medicare or other coverage that your employer pays half for. This is not based on the amount of your income but 65% of your health insurance premiums will be covered.

There may still be other new programs that the state offers and you can see them all by visiting their website. Those that are found above are the most well-known insurance covers that the state can provide you so that you can get access to quality medical services when you need it most even if your income is considered to be low.

Why You Will Want to Convert Your Retirement Plan to A Gold IRA?

If you are working in a legally institution or employer then you most likely have a lot of benefits that you are able to enjoy as perks from your employer. One of these perks that you most probably have is a retirement plan and this is definitely one of the best benefits that you can get nowadays. With a retirement plan, a portion of your salary will be put into this, allowing you to have some amount of money saved up for your future.

Now in the US, the common retirement plan that a lot of people have is a 401k or maybe an IRA. While these retirement plans have their own variations, what’s common about these is that the investments of your retirement plan include real estate properties, shares of stocks and bonds and many more.

Now these investment options for your retirement plan are indeed awesome as they can offer you a substantial amount of plan growth. The main issue with these retirement plans however is the stability and reliability of the investment that you put your retirement money into. Real estate and shares of stocks may have great value nowadays but there is no way to ascertain that this will stay the same 20 or 30 years from now. Also, if the economic downturn in the recent years is to be used as basis; one can say that the value of such investments can drop significantly in just a very short period of time without any warning so this is something that you should be aware of and something that you should also prepare for.

Instead of relying on your conventional IRA or 401k then, what you will want to is to actually convert some if not all of your retirement plan funds into a gold IRA. There are a lot of reasons why you will want to do so.

A gold investment is very stable as gold is not as volatile as stocks or real estate investment are. This is due to the fact that gold’s value is not closely tied to the economy so should an economic downturn happen; you are guaranteed that an investment in gold will still hold its value.

Another reason why you will want to go with a gold IRA is that side from having strong and resilient value, the value of gold is also known to rise through the years. While the profit from such an investment is not usually as high as investments in shares of stock; the stability that gold offers is definitely much more worth it.

Now if you are looking for an institution that will facilitate an easy and hassle free transition to a gold investment then Regal Assets is the company that you will want to work with as they have many years of experience in the field of gold investment and has a proven track record of providing top notch customer support. Also, what’s great about the institution is that it offers a lot of gold investment options including Regal gold coins, gold bullion and other forms of gold to fit your investment needs and preferences best.

Find Support For Single Moms

If on your own you find it difficult to survive being a single mother or to raise your kid independently then you should find out where you could get support. You don’t have to take on everything without any help. If you need assistance, look for some. Get help when and wherever you can so that you won’t be overburdened and so that you could at least take some time off to rest, relax and have a good time. After all, you’re human too and all humans need to chill out from time to time. For the sake of your kid, you should get aid. Take note that you could be sick when you’d overwork yourself and you could end up having troubles when you’d have a disease that is contagious. Bear in mind that a child has low immunity due to the fact that he or she hasn’t been exposed to lots of things yet. So where exactly could you get help as a single mom? How could you have some sort of relief when you have a kid to care for? For some answers that may be of assistance to you, please continue reading.

If you have some relatives, friends or people who are close to you who could aid you from time to time, you could contact them to watch over your kid whilst you continue with your schooling as a single mother or work to gain income. Basically, if you can’t afford to stay at home most of the time to watch over your offspring then you should find someone or some people to attend to your kid. You can’t just leave a child in your home to be independent. A kid needs supervision because he or she still has lots to know in life. You have to leave your offspring with at least one responsible adult so that he or she could be safe at all times. You should try to communicate with your parents, siblings or those whom you can trust to monitor your child and just forget about your pride because you need help. If you have the money for it, you do have the option to place your kid at a daycare center when you go somewhere else. What’s important is that you don’t bring along your child wherever you’d go or where he or she would be put to danger.

Since you have to do more than just provide food, clothing and shelter for your kid, you should also look for opportunities to receive funding or educational support when you can no longer spend on the education of your child. To check out what could be of assistance to you, you should search for available grants for single mothers on the internet. There are many groups, organizations and even educational institutions that are willing to provide schooling support for single mothers. To be eligible to receive financial grant, though, you have to prove that you really don’t have the means to provide money for yourself.

Get Some Fine Investments Today

As early as you can, you should invest. That’s because your money won’t hold the same value that it has right now. Because currency’s value relies on the state of a place’s economy, you have to put your money to use. After all, it would be better for you to get things whilst you could still afford them. Also, you could really have the advantage when you’d invest early because you may be able to purchase those that could give you comfort and are lucrative. You should also use your money instead of solely saving your earnings because of the fact that other people may be doing the same. If you don’t want to be left behind in the rat race of life, you should start investing in the soonest time possible. For some tips on what and how to invest, you should keep on reading.

Even if you’re not fond of the color or precious metals, you should try to invest in gold. It’s not only something that you could decorate yourself with. Gold is actually very useful and widely sought after. Lots of devices contain it and it’s something that remains to be valuable and continues to be pricey as time goes on. Get some golden jewelries or rare coins to build your wealth gradually. If you could, though, you should set up an account with a gold investment firm rather than keep all your gold possessions inside of your home or wherever you please because you could keep your assets from being stolen or merely lost when you’d have a custodian to help you out. To have a look at the different firms that may be able to assist you, try looking for gold in roth ira options on the internet. Likewise, when you do invest in gold, you also have to be choosy about what you buy. That’s because the heavier ones or the ones that have more gold content are more expensive. As much as possible, you should get 24 karat gold items.
You do have the option of starting a business with the money that you have too. If you’re someone who’s talented in providing services or selling goods then you should start your own business. You can start with a huge business or just an upstart company, depending on your budget. The point is that you should spend on something that you’d truly be comfortable and would be able to take advantage of. Before you get a franchises or buy some materials, for instance, you still have to do some forecasting. That’s so you would foresee possible consequences and benefits and then weigh them with one another.
Of course, you may also go for insurance policies as well. Some policies are bundled with investment plans and some are merely for coverage. If you could, though, you should make yourself and your material possessions since anything could happen at any time. Life insurance is something that may be ideal for you if you wish to prepare for unexpected death. You could settle for health insurance if you think that you’ll be hospitalized later on and may need to financial aid whenever you’d visit a hospital. Still, if you could afford them, you could get various insurance policies if you want to.